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Modern Resources and Activities Management Methods and Instruments for the farms and entrepreneurs in the rural environment - SIMFERM


The projectModern Resources and Activities Management Methods and Instruments for the farms and entrepreneurs in the rural environment - SIMFERM is financed from public funds by the Romanian National Agency for Scientific Research in the frame of the PNCDI-2 ( 2-nd National R&D Plan) - Partnerships in Priority Domains .
UEFISCDI ensures the monitoring of the project phases and progress.
The project has as a principal objective the introduction of some modern, informational methods of the profile activities and resources management and also the management of some related activities which are done at the company level. The informational system that will be developed during the project will ensure the terrier management of the farm' areas, of the soil types, of the crops, of the animals, of the agriculture machines and transportation ways, of the stocks, of the suppliers and clients, of the income and outcome balance of the distinctive activities. The informational system will also manage the various agriculture activities developed in the farm at different times, assisting every crop, during all its specific cycle, from the soil preparation and sowing till the harvesting and also every animal in the farm, from its birth or acquisition until the capitalization. The system will also have an important training part, putting at the users' disposal: profile tutorials and good practice guides, elaborated during the proposed project, this way contributing to the growth of the farm's independence degree. In the same time, the system can provide the farmer with prognosis meanwhile of the production estimated by different areas, by crop or animal types. Through the elaboration and implementation of this information system, the project will contribute to the introduction of new management methods in view of sustaining the modernization of the big commercial farms and semi-subsistence farms and will constitute stimuli in transforming the subsistence farms into family commercial exploitations capable to identify new production capitalization opportunities. From this point of view the estimated results of the project subscribe to the efforts of ensuring a durable rural development. The project is elaborated in the frame of a balanced partnership, made from research-development units, also from the domain of agriculture and management sciences as from the domain of information technology and communications. The project results tutorials, good practice guides in the agriculture science and entrepreneurial domain, integrated informational system addressable to any farm that would like to develop on the base of knowledge can have an important positive impact in the context of the Romanian agriculture's efforts to line up to the EU standards. The notable results obtained within the project, also the partial ones as he final ones will be deeply debated in the rural area.